Customer Services

We are committed to quickly and carefully supporting customers’ stable production processes involving both hardware and software.

From procurement of maintenance parts to development of the latest FA system and human resources, in addition to equipment repairs. We are committed to supporting the complete heat treatment process and contributing to efficient equipment operation and improving safety. When customers need to stop their equipment, our heat treatment business department will carefully carry out necessary operations. We provide advanced security and satisfaction through the meticulous services of DOWA Thermotech that takes charge of industrial furnace treatment and heat treatment services. To achieve carbon neutrality,we also propose various improvements.

Equipment maintenance

A real relationship with a customer starts just after equipment is installed.

To ensure that industrial furnaces required by customers always operate normally and perform at optimum levels, we place as much importance on after-sales service as we do on the development and manufacture of equipment. Therefore, we have conducted a broad range of support activities ranging from periodic maintenance to emergency response in the case of problems, consultations related to expansion or modification of equipment, and more. With the belief that a real relationship with a customer starts just after equipment is installed, we are striving to improve our service bases and train dedicated service engineers.

Training centers

Preparing training systems on the operation and maintenance of industrial furnaces to develop superior local staff

The motto we apply to expanding overseas business is: "Provide the same quality as that provided in Japan". This does not simply mean the quality and performance of industrial furnaces themselves. The preciseness of the service and inspections carried out after installation, and the promptness and adequacy of the maintenance provided in the case problems occur are part of the quality we place importance on. To enable this, we have established a training center that provides local staff with training in equipment maintenance and equipment operations, as well as education on heat treatment. Based on our experience and customer requests, we have prepared a range of training programs and teach know-how related to industrial furnace maintenance and heat treatment basics. Besides the training center in Japan, we will establish training centers in four Asian countries to enhance and strengthen our human resource capabilities.

Course name Target trainees Training objectives
Maintenance and repair Maintenance personnel and operators To acquire skills required to execute periodic maintenance and replace consumables correctly and safely
Operation Operators To acquire skills required to ensure safe operations while maintaining appropriate heat treatment quality levels
Introduction to heat treatment Engineers To acquire necessary inspection method abilities and skills required to solve heat treatment-related problems
To master how to set heat treatment conditions

Maintenance parts

FA system

Heat-resistant steel jig

Maintenance parts

Providing comprehensive support for heat treatment processes

Our support activities range from the development of the latest FA systems for heat treatment process control and quality control and their peripheral devices, to timely procurement of maintenance parts. Utilizing our broad experience in heat treatment processes, we are committed to providing comprehensive support in this area to customers. To achieve carbon neutrality, we also propose various improvements.

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