Industrial Furnace Business

Setting up operation bases close to our customers to provide superior technologies and technical support

Our company, which is known as a pioneering manufacturer of industrial furnaces, has delivered more than 3,500 units to date to domestic customers. By utilizing our experience in advanced technologies and meeting a diversified range of customer requests such as requirements to reduce size and energy usage and increase environment-friendliness, etc., we have created and marketed a wide range of products. Among them, in the field of carburizing and heat treatment equipment that are subject to particularly high demand, we have developed a major share of the domestic market. This demonstrates that our technical capabilities and support system are trusted.
Japan is recognized worldwide as a manufacturing powerhouse. We have established our operation bases in areas where major domestic manufacturers are located so that we can always provide superior technologies and products to customers worldwide. We have developed relationships with customers so that we can provide precise, comprehensive and prompt support. In recent years, we have also developed the equipment that contributes to carbon neutrality to meet the needs of our customers.

Industrial Furnace Products

We provide many different kinds of industrial furnace products in response to changing technologies and to satisfy a range of customer requests.

Customer Services

We are committed to providing comprehensive support for the heat treatment process ranging from equipment maintenance to human resource development.

Regeneration gas burners save energy and reduce environmental loads.

The combustion heating system is equipped with regeneration gas burners as standard equipment, which enables effective use of exhaust heat to reduce energy consumption. In addition, we conduct simulation analysis of atmospheric gases in furnaces to optimize the locations and number of gas inlets. We are determined to reduce energy usage and environmental loads.

High-functionality heat insulation material
prevents heat radiating from furnace walls.

High-functionality, fine-porous heat insulation material is used for outer walls of industrial furnaces. This minimizes heat transfer and prevents loss of heat energy (from the interior to the exterior of the furnace). In addition, the safety of the work environment is enhanced because the surface temperatures of furnace walls are reduced.

Ceramic fibers with superior heat insulation capacity and
low bulk density
are used.

Ceramic fibers with superior heat insulation capacity and low bulk density are used for inner walls of furnaces. Applying a combination of optimal heat insulation materials to both the interior and exterior of the furnace body increases heating efficiency and significantly reduces energy costs. Using heat insulation materials with low bulk density reduces heat storage and significantly reduces the equipment setup time.

DOWA Thermotech's Energy-saving Industrial Furnace

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Establishing Full Automation

1. Pre washing machine

This equipment removes rust prevention and metalworking oils that have adhered to workpieces during the forging or machining processes. This operation improves the quality of the carburizing process and other heat treatment processes. In order to reduce energy usage during heat treatment processing, if requested it is possible to place a degreasing furnace that has both cleaning and preheating functions together with this equipment.

2. Semi continuous furnace

Since this furnace can be installed in an area with the same dimensions as those required for a batch type furnace, productivity can be improved and running costs reduced.

3. Post washing machine

This equipment removes oil that has adhered to workpieces while they were being cooled after heat treatment processing.

4. Tempering furnace

This furnace reheats workpieces that have been hardened by quenching, in order to increase viscosity. A high or low temperature tempering furnace can be selected according to the workpiece usage requirements.

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