Corporate outline

Corporate outline

Company name DOWA Thermotech Co., Ltd.
Founded Established in May 2006, Founded in October 1958
Common stock One billion yen
Head office Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Representative Kiyoshi Yamada (President and Representative Director)
1,790 (as of March 31, 2022)
* Including employees of affiliates and subsidiaries, and irregular employees
Business Design, manufacture, sales, and maintenance of heat treatment equipment, heat treatment processing, surface treatment processing, and surface modification processing

Management philosophy

We are focusing on building our domestic foundation as a heat treatment manufacturer, aggressively expanding our business overseas at the same time, and establishing “DOWA Thermo” as a global brand in our role as a reliable partner to our customers.

Basic strategy

Heat treatment business

Industrial furnace business

Environmental policy

Basic Environmental Policy of the DOWA Group

The DOWA group shall strive to help create a resource-recycling society and shall aim to hand over a sound global environment to the next generation through our business activities.

  1. Providing our customers (clients and local communities) with products and services that contribute to building a resource-recycling society
  2. Minimizing environmental impact and environmental risk in our business activities
  3. Working together on environmental conservation activities across the entire company, from employees to management

Basic Environmental Policy of the DOWA Thermotech Group

The DOWA Thermotech Group shall advance activities under the following basic environmental policy based on our social responsibility to protect the global environmental and the basic environmental policy of the DOWA Thermotech Group.

  1. Working with the entire DOWA Thermotech Group to continually reduce environmental load and pollution
  2. Complying with laws, regulations and other requirements and working to improve the working environment and maintain the surrounding environment
  3. Setting environmental objectives and targets, formulating action plans and carrying out specific activities, and conducting regular reviews with the aim of achieving high standards
    1. Implementing energy-saving activities such as reducing electricity and gas consumption by installing highly efficient equipment
    2. Appropriately managing industrial waste and reducing emissions
    3. Identifying environmental risks and implementing reduction-related activities
    4. Green procurement promotion
  4. This policy shall be well known among related parties of the DOWA Thermotech Group, and open to the public.