Mohka plant
Heat treatment

DOWA Thermoengineering Co., Ltd.
Mohka plant

17, Kinugaoka, Mohka-shi, Tochigi 321-4367

Tel: +81-285-82-7131
Fax: +81-285-84-2029


* South side of Kobe Steel, Ltd., Mohka 2nd Industrial Park
Approximately 40 minutes by taxi from Utsunomiya Station (Taxi fare: Approximately 4,000 yen)

Business items Main equipment
Carburizing quenching and tempering Batch-type carburizing and quenching furnace (TKM-80)
Tough-nite treatment (Gas soft nitriding) Batch-type tough-nite furnace (THN-80)
DMT treatment Batch-type DMT furnace
Sursurf treatment Sursurf treatment furnace
LS treatment (Low temperature sulphurizing) LS treatment equipment
DRS treatment (Room temperature sulphurizing) DRS treatment equipment