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Excellent electrical conductivity and heat thermal resistance have made our NB-109 global standard copper alloys for automotive connectors. We also supply materials for various uses such as automotive bus bar, narrow pitch connector, and thermal device. We can provide whole processes in our own factory from melting to tin plating.
If you need higher heat thermal resistance and lower insertion resistance, we offer you our advanced reflow tin plating.
In 2007, DOWA METANIX joined our group, the company is well known as the top manufacturer of high quality lead frame materials such as C7025 and 42% Ni-Fe. DOWA METANIX also provides Cu-Ti alloy (Y-CuT) and C7035 which are used for high-performance electronic parts. These alloys satisfy customer needs.
Brass Alloy Rods, Forging & Cutting


Our product line up consists of round, square, hexagon and heteromorphy rods. We are also capable of manufacturing eco-friendly products of Cd less, Pb less and anti-corrosion rods. Owing to the characteristics of cutting efficiency and corrosion-resistance, brass alloy rods are widely used for a number of machine parts, gas valves and water plumping parts.
We are able to manufacture from design to mass production in accordance with the product specification.
We also make dies and molds in our a own factory to supply high quality products and shorten our lead time.
Metal Substrates


We have three variations of metal substrates: Cu-AlN Substrate, ALMIC (Al-AlN Substrate), and integrated substrates (AlN-Al2O3).
These are reliable substrates for power modules that need high heat cycle toughness, excellent mechanical strength and high heat release ability. DOWA Metal Substrates are an essential part for hybrid cars, trains, solar power, wind power, HEV, and co-generation systems.



Our expertise in reel to reel plating enables us to meet customers' strict quality demands in automotive and electronic industry.
We can offer various ranges of plating including selective plating with our knowledge and experience.
From our overseas facilities outside Japan, we can contribute to your localization of material procurement.
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