Metal Processing

We supply high-performance copper alloys, electroplated products and metal-ceramics substrates that are used in automobiles and information equipment.

Starting from the manufacture of copper and brass strips, DOWA METALTECH’s business has extended to a group of products that are made principally from high-performance copper alloys as the markets for automobiles and electronic devices grow.
In addition, we also engage in various electroplating processes for products with specific applications. We also engage in producing metal-ceramics substrates which are used extensively in inverters of power modules.

Main sub-segments

Top supplier of high-performance connector materials
In fields offering an increasing level and range of functionality such as automobiles and information equipment, connectors and lead frame materials require even higher performance. We supply high-performance copper alloys to fulfill the diverse needs of the global market in terms of electrical conductivity, strength, heat resistance, formability and so on.
Electroplating to meet to a wide range of needs
Focusing on switches for in-vehicle components that are becoming increasingly electrified, we perform a wide range of electroplating using materials such as precious metals and tin to enhance the durability and reliability of products. We also work to reduce precious metal content and perform electroplating overseas.
Producing insulating substrates for high-voltage power modules
In addition to use for inverters of industrial machinery, we are gearing up to produce insulating substrates of superior heat dissipation and high voltage endurance. We are expanding our business supplying metal-ceramics substrates to the railway, solar and wind power generation industries, which are expected to grow rapidly.

Main products

  • Copper, brass, copper alloy strips
  • Nickel alloy strips
  • Reflow tin plated strips
  • Brass rods
  • Forged brass products
  • Precious metal plating products
  • Metal-ceramics substrates

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