Privacy policy

Policy concerning the handling of personal information

1. We make sure that personal information received from customers is handled in accordance with laws and regulations so as not to damage the rights and interests of customers.

2. When obtaining personal information, we clearly indicate the purpose of its use. On this website, customer personal information will not be collected except for the sections under which acquisition of personal information is stipulated.

3. By taking appropriate safety measures with regard to the personal information of customers which we have acquired, DOWA will work to prevent the leakage, loss or damage to the personal information of customers and endeavor to prevent damages and unauthorized accessing of customers’ personal information.

4. Except when an individual purpose of use is specified, DOWA uses the personal information of customers only within the scope required for achieving the following purposes:

5. DOWA will not make the personal information of customers available to third parties without obtaining the consent of customers concerned in advance, except when allowed by laws and regulations. When subcontracting the services that handle the personal information of customers to a third party, we will disclose personal information only after concluding a contract that describes an obligation to take appropriate safety measures.

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