Electronic Materials

Collaborating with major electronic companies, we have developed cutting-edge technologies in making semiconductor, electrical and magnetic materials.

DOWA’s Electronics Materials business started with the exploration of new applications for the metallic byproducts produced in mining and smelting, through pulverization, purity improvement and many other processing procedures.
Today, DOWA is supplying a wide range of materials to the electronic industry, namely semiconductor materials, electrical conducting materials, magnetic materials and various electronic materials of high performance and quality. Currently, we have a substantial market share of electronic materials worldwide.

Main sub-segments

Top supplier of compound semiconductors
DOWA offers products featuring extensive processability, such as gallium semiconductor materials and high-output LEDs for lasers and sensors. The development of new products is also underway in fields expected to undergo significant growth in the future, such as nitride semiconductors for power semiconductors and deep ultraviolet LEDs for sterilization equipment.
Offering an extensive lineup of conductive materials
Increasingly diverse needs for conductive materials have emerged with the rapid development of information devices. Focusing on powders, we develop and supply materials of various metal compositions, shapes, particle sizes, and surface properties.
Pursuing wide-ranging functionality based on sophisticated powder technologies
Based on sophisticated powder control technologies for particle size, surface properties and so on, we offer magnetic materials optimized for an array of applications, from high density recording materials to magnetic materials for electronic components.

Main products

  • High-purity materials
  • GaAs substrate wafers
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Silver powders
  • Copper powders
  • Metal powders
  • Carrier powders
  • Ferrite powders

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