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In waste treatment, soil remediation and recycling, we offer comprehensive services throughout the process that encompasses transportation to controlled landfilling.

Based on technologies it cultivated in mining and smelting, the DOWA group was one of the pioneer enterprises to engage in environmental and recycling businesses in the 1970s. Besides waste treatment, recycling and soil remediation, our strength as part of the one-stop services include transportation of wastes from the generators to the controlled landfill facilities. We also deliver the same level of quality services for our overseas operations, primarily in Asia, on par with our service level in Japan.

Main sub-segments

One-stop waste treatment services to ensure secure and efficient waste handling
Whether for our domestic or overseas operations, we own and strictly manage both the intermediate treatment facilities and controlled landfills so as to ensure, complex hazardous waste streams are treated to harmless level prior to disposal.
Employ various soil remediation techniques to meet diverse requirements
The DOWA group has the resources to offer best solutions in various stages of investigations and remediation, taking into consideration of site-specific conditions and utilizing proven techniques. We also offer comprehensive environmental consulting services which include environmental impact assessments.
Recycle a myriad of recoverable resources
The DOWA group engages in extracting precious metals from scraps of electronic components, printed circuit boards of computers and electronic devices, and also recycles scrap household appliances and automobiles.

Main services

  • Intermediate waste treatment
  • Controlled landfilling
  • Soil remediation
  • Metal recycling
  • Household appliances recycling
  • Automobile recycling
  • Consulting on environmental matters
  • Environmental logistics

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