Our history

1884 The Meiji government sells the Kosaka mine to Fujita Gumi, the forerunner to DOWA
1888 Fujita Gumi begins black ore smelting tests in Kosaka
1897 Fujita Gumi commences hydroelectric power generation in Kosaka
1898 Fujita Gumi commences operation of pyrometallurgy for refining black ore in Kosaka
1899 Fujita Gumi begins a land reclamation project in Kojima Bay in Okayama
1902 Fujita Gumi beings operation of black ore flash smelting in Kosaka
1909 Fujita Gumi establishes the Kosaka Railway in Akita
1915 Fujita Gumi acquires the Hanaoka mine in Akita
1916 Fujita Gumi acquires the Yanahara mine in Okayama
1919 Fujita Gumi establishes the Katakami Railway in Okayama
1944 Fujita Gumi moves its head office from Osaka to Tokyo
1945 Corporate name changed to DOWA MINING CO., LTD.
1952 DOWA MINING discovers New iron sulfide ore deposit in Yanahara
1957 DOWA MINING acquires the Toyosaki Plant Co., Ltd. commences the Metal Processing business
1958 DOWA MINING acquires Tokyo Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary, starts Heat Treatment business
1959 New black ore deposit is discovered in Kosaka (Uchinotai deposit)
1963 New black ore deposit is discovered in Hanaoka (Matsumine deposit)
1965 DOWA Iron Powder Industries Co., Ltd. (now DOWA IP CREATION) established in Okayama, commences Electronics Materials business
1967 The Kosaka Plant is completely equipped with new flash furnace and commences operation
1969 New black ore deposit is discovered in Hanaoka (Fukazawa deposit)
1971 AKITA ZINC is established to operate a seaside zinc smelter
1973 DOWA MINING acquires precious metal chemical product manufacturer Yokosawa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. a subsidiary (now DOWA HIGHTECH)
1975 DOWA Metal Industries Toyooka Plant is completed, relocation from Osaka Plant is completed (now DOWA METAL)
1977 New black ore deposit is discovered in Hanaoka (Ezuri deposit)
1977 OKAYAMA KOYU is established in Yanahara, begins Environmental Management & Recycling business
1982 Semiconductor Materials Laboratory (now DOWA SEMICONDUCTOR AKITA) is established in Akita
DOWA MINING begins operation of zinc processing plant (now AKITA ZINC SOLUTIONS)
1983 Production of magnetic recording materials is started in Okayama (now DOWA ELECTRONICS MATERIALS OKAYAMA)
1989 An Office is set up in the United States (DOWA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION established)
1991 Platinum group metals recycling is started in Akita (NIPPON PGM established)
1992 Manufacturing of metal-ceramics substrates is started in Nagano (now DOWA POWER DEVICE)
1994 Operations commence at zinc mine in Mexico (MINERA TIZAPA)
1997 Heat Treatment business is started in the United States (DOWA THT AMERICA established)
1999 Home appliances recycling started in Akita (ECO-RECYCLE is established)
2000 Waste treatment is started in the Kanto district (Nippon Pearl Limited (now ECO-SYSTEM CHIBA) is acquired)
2002 Metal Processing business expands into China (DOWA ADVANCED MATERIALS SHANGHAI is established)
2003 Environmental Management & Recycling business expands into China (DOWA ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT is established)
2006 DOWA switches to holding company system, corporate name changed to DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD., relocates Head Office
2006 Metal Processing business expands into Thailand (DOWA METALTECH (THAILAND) is established)
2007 Heat Treatment business expands into Thailand (Dowa Thermotech (Thailand) is established)
2007 DOWA sets up an office in Europe (DOWA HD Europe is established)
2008 KOSAKA SMELTING & REFINING shut down its flash furnaces, and starts full operation of the furnace for combined recycling commences
2009 Environmental Management & Recycling business expands into Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore (MODERN ASIA ENVIRONMENTAL HOLDINGS is made a subsidiary)
2009 Home appliances recycling is started in China (DOWA ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT)
2011 DOWA sets up an office in China (DOWA HOLDINGS (SHANGHAI))
2011 Heat Treatment business makes full-scale entry into India (HIGHTEMP FURNACES is made into a subsidiary)
2012 Precious metal recycling is started in Singapore (DOWA ECO-SYSTEM SINGAPORE is established)
2012 Heat Treatment business expands to Indonesia (PT. DOWA THERMOTECH INDONESIA is established)
2012 Zinc processing is started in Thailand (DOWA METALS & MINING (THAILAND) is established)
2014 DOWA sets up an office in Thailand (DOWA HOLDINGS (THAILAND))
2014 Environmental Management & Recycling business expands into Myanmar (GOLDEN DOWA ECO-SYSTEM MYANMAR is established)
2015 Metal Processing business expands into Taiwan (DOWALI PRECISION is established)
2015 Heat Treatment business expands into Mexico (DOWA THERMOTECH MEXICO is established)
2016 Metal Processing business expands into Mexico (DOWA METALTECH MEXICO is established)

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