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Dowa Electronics Materials: Overview of Operations

Create New Niche Top Businesses in a Broad Range of Fields

Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd., supplies semiconductors, electronic materials, and magnetic materials to meet the needs of the market. On the basis of this array of products, supported by advanced technological capabilities, Dowa Electronics Materials is working to win the top position in a broad range of industries, and is making vigorous investments in the development of new businesses.

Business Strategies

Expand business domains through selection and concentration

Semiconductors Expand business domains through energetic investment in the development of new businesses
Electronic materials Concentrate management resources in key products
Magnetic materials Move forward with product differentiation and the rapid startup of new businesses

Introduction to Principal Businesses

Semiconductor business

High-purity galliumGallium arsenide wafer
High-purity gallium and other semiconductor materials
Dowa Semiconductor Akita Co., Ltd.
Above: High-purity gallium
Below: Gallium arsenide wafer
High output LEDs for sensors
High output LEDs for sensors

<Products that command the top shares of their world markets>
Dowa Electronics Materials’ semiconductor products can be divided into three categories: high-purity gallium, gallium arsenide wafers, and LEDs.
Dowa Electronics Materials uses high-purity gallium in the production of wafers and LEDs, and markets it outside the company, boasting the top share of the world market. Gallium is produced from by-products of the zinc smelting process at Akita Zinc Co., Ltd., and also in the scrap recycling process. In addition, gallium arsenide wafers show particular strength as substrates for laser applications in the VGF process.

Dowa Electronics Materials is the top maker of high-intensity, high-output red and infrared LEDs.
LEDs made by Dowa Electronics Materials are used in a number of fields with high growth potential, including advanced medical devices such as blood sensors and cancer treatment equipment, the newest sensors for inkjet printers, and infrared LEDs for infrared communications.

Click here for details on the semiconductor business.

High-performance materials business

Tape made using metal powder
Tapes made using metal powder
Magnet rollers for printers using ferrite powder, and other products
Magnet rollers for printers using ferrite powder, and other products
Bottom right: ferrite powder
Dowa F-Tec Co., Ltd.
Silver oxide for button batteries used in wristwatches
Top share of the world market for silver oxide for button batteries used in wristwatches
Dowa Hightech Co., Ltd.
Bottom right: Silver oxide

<Many applications for powder materials technology are emerging.>
Dowa Electronics Materials boasts a commanding share of the world market for metal powders used in videotape for broadcasting stations and data storage tape for computer use.
The company has led the industry since the launch in 1984. The characteristics and quality of its cutting-edge superfine metal powders are without peer, as is its ability to ensure prompt delivery in any quantity.
The company has succeeded in developing the next-generation of metal powders, with a particle size of 30 nanometers (0.03 micrometers). Its research and development in the area of higher-capacity recording media is also advancing steadily. The bests of Dowa Electronics Materials’ nanotechnologies are concentrated in this area.

The company has the largest share of the world market for the ferrite powder used in the bond magnets for magnetic rollers used in printers and copiers. Its powdered iron materials have many applications, including carrier powder for copiers and other devices, welding rods, disposable body warmers, and powder metallurgy.
Special iron powders developed by Dowa Electronics Materials are used in Dowa’s soil remediation business, and are highly effective in handling difficult remediation tasks such as contamination by VOCs.

<Technological expertise to meet the need for advanced materials>
Dowa Electronics Materials has developed a number of products in the field of electronic materials. The company has a 70% share of the world market for silver oxide for the button batteries used in wristwatches and other devices, and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of zinc powder for alkaline batteries.
In addition, the company is engaged in the manufacture of silver powder and other conductive materials.

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