Midterm plan

The DOWA group announced a midterm plan for FY2015 (the year ended March 31, 2016) through FY2017 (the year ended March 31, 2018) on November 2014.

Midterm plan briefing

Basic policy: "Pursue sustained growth"

Further expansion of overseas business

Further expand overseas business predominantly in Asia by ensuring past investment results are reflected, promoting additional facility expansion and refurbishment, and establishing new bases.

Business expansion by entering growth markets and related fields

Continual reinforcement of business competitiveness

Promote increase in production capacity and investment to improve productivity in the manufacture of main products, and expand the collection network for materials to further reinforce the business foundation.

Target figures

Ordinary income (FY2017) 50 billion yen
Operating income (FY2017) 48 billion yen
ROA (FY2017) 12%
Operating CF (three years) 130 billion yen
Investment (three years) 80 billion yen
R&D expenses (three years) 15 billion yen

Business vision by segment

Environmental Management & Recycling

Secure the top position in Asia in a bid to help improve the global environment as one of the leading environmental companies in the world.

Nonferrous Metals

Establish the world's best recycling and smelting complex

Electronic Materials

To become the world's top-class material manufacturer with many niche/top products

Metal Processing

Promote business expansion in growth fields and regions

Heat Treatment

Make a leap forward as global manufacturer of comprehensive heat treatment company

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