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Dowa Group Businesses

Principal Business Activities

Environmental management & recycling, Nonferrous metals, Electronic materials, Metal-processing, and Heat treatment businesses

Principal Products and Services

•    Environmental Management & Recycling Segment
  Waste treatment, landfill facilities, soil remediation, metal recycling, consumer electronics recycling, automobile recycling, consulting on environmental matters, logistics, etc.
•    Nonferrous Metals Segment
  Gold, silver, copper, zinc, zinc alloys, lead platinum, palladium, indium, bismuth, tellurium, sulfuric acid, and other metals
•    Electronic Materials Segment
  High-purity gallium, indium, compound semiconductor wafers, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), silver powders, copper powders, silver oxide powders, metal powders, carrier powders, ferrite powders
•    Metal Processing Segment
  Copper, brass, copper alloy strips, nickel alloy strips, reflow tin plated strips, brass rods, forged brass products, electroplated products, metal-ceramic substrates
•    Heat Treatment Segment
  Various types of heat treatment, various types of surface treatment, design, manufacture, marketing, and maintenance of various types of industrial furnaces and ancillary equipment
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